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Cleaning the roof: Smart Steps to Know

A roof requires maintenance, first by inspecting it regularly, and also by cleaning it or having it cleaned.It is possible to clean your roof yourself, as long as your roof is flat or very slightly inclined, and your house is not raised more than one floor.If your roof is sloping or your home has a floor, call a professional roofer from Longview Roofing Companies.

De-foaming: removing stains and plants

It is advisable to do every year the cleaning of the roof of his house, including a de-foaming. Indeed, the roof can stain quickly, covered with moss or lichen.For that, two solutions are available to you.

In the old-fashioned way, you get a hard brush and water and rub the stains and parasites. Attention, it is necessary to clean only the exterior of the tiles and not the interior, so as not to damage the materials under the shingles. Then, rinse the roof with water from top to bottom, first removing the large residues to avoid clogging the gutters.

The cleaning of the roof can also be done using a pressure washer, always up and down the roof. This technique can, however, erode tiles, making them more receptive to dirt.

Also remember to cut any tree branch overhanging the roof. If the branches are far away, use an awning. You will avoid falling leaves, for example.

Deep roof cleaning and roof protection

To complete the de-foaming, spray the roof clean with algaecide or antifoam, by good weather and no wind. The product will completely destroy any plant trace.You can also preserve the cover of the damage related to the climate like the rain, the frost, the pollution by applying a water repellent treatment. Let it sit for 24 hours, and then rinse as for de-foaming. It will reduce the porosity of tiles by making their surfaces smooth.

Roof cleaning: how to get on the roof?

The tips that follow are for a flat or slightly sloping roof, and low. In all other cases, call a professional.

Think first of all to work accompanied! Climbing on a roof is dangerous, it is better to have someone close in case of problems.

Equip yourself with non-slip shoes: they will prevent you from slipping on the ladder or the roof.

Invest in a ladder specifically designed to mount on roofs. You can get one in supermarkets.

To properly position your ladder:

Calculate the measurement representing about ΒΌ of the height of your wall up to the roof. This dimension will correspond to the distance between the bottom of your ladder and the wall of the house;

Leave at least a meter between the top of your ladder and the bottom of the roof, and never climb the last 4 to 5 rungs of the ladder.

The ladder must be well maintained at its base. You can ask someone to hold the ladder for extra security.

Always keep a ladder hand when climbing.

Stay as stable as possible by keeping your feet at the same height.

Good to know: Once on the roof, think of fixing the ladder to the frame. To do this, remove some tiles from the roof and attach safety hooks or wall anchors.

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