The Use of the best Garden Maintenance Now

The maintenance of the garden is an essential step to preserve its aesthetics and the longevity of its favorite plants. But it takes time, energy and patience. Here are tips to maintain your garden with less effort.

Plant Shrubs That Do Not Require Too Much Maintenance

This sounds obvious, but it is rarely done. There are a very large number of shrubs that do not require or very little maintenance. These are preferred, especially if you have beds or flowerbeds (and of course a kitchen garden) which, they require a lot of maintenance. For your hedges, your edges, isolated or hard-to-reach recesses, choose easy-to-grow shrubs that require little or no maintenance. From adore my garden you will be getting the best information.

Tip: For remote areas with poor soils and unsightly slopes, consider using ground cover plants. They do not require maintenance, develop themselves and prevent weeds to develop (they take their place!) Without harming the land. On the contrary, ground covers help to conserve soil moisture and provide shelter for an entire ecosystem that is good for the earth!

Eliminate Weeds As You Go

The first of the secrets of an efficient and serene garden maintenance is not to be overwhelmed. We must weed as and when. We do not talk long, but often, this is the biggest tip for the maintenance of your garden. This makes it possible to avoid that the weeds sink their roots too deeply and this avoids the lassitude which can quickly come when one is forced to spend 3 days in a row to weed. Great Garden Ideas

Use Pasta Cooking Water To Weed

If you let yourself get over weeds, do not use pesticides! Keep the cooking water of your pasta. When you want to kill weeds with deep, strong roots, warm that water and then pour it to the foot. In a few days the weeds thus treated will be dead; you will only have to remove them to put them in compost.

Plan The Interview

The other secret is obviously to plan. It’s knowing well in advance when and how to cut, harvest, sow, return, etc. that you will be more efficient. Depending on your different plants and your desires, organize an annual planning of the maintenance of your garden to see more clearly and be effective.

Mulching The Ground: The Art Of Mulching

Mulching is a wonderful technique with many advantages:

  • It largely prevents weeds from growing by covering the soil
  • It keeps the soil moist and helps your plants to develop and withstand any drought
  • By decomposing, it nourishes your soil and enriches it with its nutritional benefits
  • It has a rustic decorative effect quite charming
  • You can buy your mulching or do it yourself

Compost And Mulch Oneself

Do you have a lot of trees and shrubs to prune? Never mind: when pruning and pruning , grind the plants to make the choice of mulching and composting. Coarse crushed material may be mulched; the fine grinds serve as compost. By recycling your plants yourself, you optimize the maintenance of your garden and save money.

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